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Introducing BROTOX – BOTOX For men

BROTOX ( Botox for men) is a safe, reliable, and effective way to hold back the hands of time, and men are embracing the treatment in far greater numbers than before. BOTOX has been on the market for 16 years and has become more popular for men, who have discovered its effectiveness in treating frown lines and horizontal forehead lines to give a younger appearance.

BOTOX for Men: The Benefits

For men who are just starting to get into the realm of anti-aging treatments, BOTOX is a great place to start. BOTOX is an injectable neuromodulator that can be used to correct or soften lines that have been etched into the skin from repetitive expressive movements.

Reliable & Safe

For first time patients, the fact that BOTOX has been FDA approved for 16 years should ease one’s nerves. Practitioners like Dr. Rosenberg know exactly how much of the treatment you need need in order to still show natural emotion while still seeing improvement. Once you’ve had time to consult with your practitioner, we typically expect to see the BOTOX start working within three days and the full effects will be visible in 14 days.

Subtle Rejuvenation

While BOTOX won’t have people suddenly asking you what you are doing differently or asking what you’re using on your skin, you will start to see fine lines fade away, making your skin look smoother and less tired. A BOTOX regimen done alongside the right skincare regimen is where you will see the best results. BOTOX will address the lines that are creating a “tired” look and an effective skincare treatment will address skin texture, hydration, and brightness; when combined, you will get the subtle and healthy-looking results most men are looking for.

Train Your Muscles

With continued BOTOX use, you can actually train your muscles to move less over time and therefore create fewer lines and wrinkles in the skin. The first few treatments are often done 3 months apart and many patients state that they are able to eventually stretch treatments from three to six months, and in some cases from six to twelve. This gradual reduction of maintenance is perfect for men that prefer a lower maintenance routine.

Schedule your Consultation

If you are a man looking to try some an anti-aging treatment beyond products, BOTOX is a great introductory treatment for those looking to relax facial lines and wrinkles. Contact the Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland today to learn more about the treatments we offer and to schedule your Botox consultation.

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