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Are You A Good Candidate For Eyelid Surgery?

Many people struggle with knowing that something is off about the way they look in the mirror. When the answer isn’t obvious, but you can’t shake the feeling that you look “tired” or older than you feel, the answer may be in the eyes.

The truth is that your eyes convey more than you may think. And if you have droopy eyelids or under-eye bags, you may be conveying that you’re exhausted or aging faster than you really are. To fix these concerns, blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, may be right for you.

Deciding to Pursue Eyelid Surgery

Many factors go into deciding whether you should get eyelid surgery. Each person is different and has different concerns and goals for their eye appearance. One way to know if the results of blepharoplasty can result in an enhanced appearance is to browse Dr. Rosenberg’s gallery of before and after photos to find people with similar conditions as yourself. Keep in mind that what works for someone else may not work for you. The best way to know if you’re a good candidate for eyelid surgery is to schedule a consultation at the Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland at any of our three convenient locations.

Good Candidates for Blepharoplasty

What makes someone a good candidate for eyelid or any other plastic surgery procedure relies on three things: the patient’s need or desire, their medical history, and their ability to handle the procedure’s recovery timeline. More specifically, good candidates for blepharoplasty are people who have droopy or hooded eyelids, puffiness in the under-eye area, or excess skin on the lower eye.

In addition, blepharoplasty patients should be in good overall health, have no serious eye conditions, have realistic expectations for the surgery, and are non-smokers.

Blepharoplasty Risks

As with any plastic surgery procedure, there are risks involved with blepharoplasty. These include infection, anesthesia risks, dryness, sensitivity, and more. Dr. Hall will walk through the risks of complications and their relative likelihood of occurring during a blepharoplasty consultation.

The good news is that blepharoplasty is a minimal surgery with only rare cases of complications, especially when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Rosenberg. Another risk usually associated with these procedures is unfavorable scarring, which is rarely experienced by eyelid surgery patients, due to the incisions being so well concealed in the natural creases around the eye.

People who are averse to surgical procedures and the risks they pose are probably not good candidates for blepharoplasty.

When Should You Get Eyelid Surgery?

Although there is no ideal time to have eyelid surgery, several factors lead to the high statistics that say people over 40 are the most likely blepharoplasty candidates. This is due to the natural aging process contributing to the symptoms that lead to hooded, droopy, or puffy eyes. The best time to get eyelid surgery is when you notice a significant change and are ready to restore a more youthful, alert eye appearance.

Maryland Blepharoplasty Consultation

If you’re looking into ways to help refresh your appearance and achieve younger-looking eyes, eyelid surgery could be the perfect solution for you. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg is an expert with this delicate and highly effective procedure, and you can trust him to provide the most natural-looking results in the safest environment. To learn more about this potentially life-changing procedure, call the Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland at 410-324-3071 or contact us online to schedule your appointment today.

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