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Cosmetic Implants

Implants are an option that adds size and shape to your physique when the traditional methods of weightlifting, exercise and diet do not—or cannot—give you the results you desire. Specially designed implants help improve your shape and definition when genetics or other conditions prevent you from achieving your desired results.

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Facial Implants in Maryland

Chin implants can increase the size and projection of your chin, bringing the chin profile in proportion with the forehead and mid-face. This operation is sometimes performed along with rhinoplasty to help deliver better balance to face proportions and a better-defined profile.

Cheek implants can rejuvenate your face, bringing back the full, cherub face that defines youth. As we age, our face naturally loses fat, causing areas like the cheek to begin sagging, creating a flat, sunken look. Adding fat or silicone implants is one way to reverse this process and bring back the youthful, fresh look you desire.

Lip implants will plump your lips for a fuller, smoother look. As you age, wrinkles and fat loss in your face also transfers to your lips. Some people are simply born with thin lips. Whatever your case, lip implants are a permanent solution to your problem.

While injections fade after the procedure, implants last a lifetime and are suitable for anyone who wishes to have permanently fuller lips. Discuss your goals with Dr. Rosenberg, and the two of you can decide which lip enhancement procedure is best for you—fat transfer, saline implants, silicone implants, or injectable fillers.

Calf Implants in Maryland

Calf implants can improve the size and contour of the lower leg. For individuals that are concerned about calves that are small or uneven, or for those who simply prefer shapelier legs, this body contouring procedure can provide beautiful results. At our Baltimore area offices, our experienced plastic surgeons would be pleased to discuss your concerns with you and help you achieve the look you desire.

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Typically performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis, the calf implant procedure can cause some temporary side effects, including discomfort, stiffness, bruising, and swelling. However, most patients can return to work and normal activities in as little as one week. Concerns about scarring and the risks associated with this procedure should be discussed with your doctor. To schedule a consultation to discuss calf implants or any of the body contouring options offered at our Baltimore, Maryland area offices, please contact us today.

Other Implants in Maryland

Breast implants add shape and volume to the breasts and are one of the most popular implant procedures in the world. Your options are endless when it comes to the size of breast implants, the materials, and the structure.

Pectoral implants are a solution for any man who wants the chiseled, defined chest of a bodybuilder. Many candidates either can’t achieve the desired profile because of genetics or lack of time to spend at the gym. Subpectoral implants can contour and shape but also enhance the profile of the natural chest muscle. Pectoral implants can also be performed along with a male breast reduction for those who suffer from gynecomastia.

If you are interested in any of the plastic surgery options we offer, including breast lift, breast augmentation, breast implants or breast reductioncontact our Baltimore, Maryland area cosmetic surgeons today.

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