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Skin Care

Skin Care Products

Here are the two types of skin care products we offer at The Plastic Surgery Center:


VIRTUE SKIN FOOD is 100% organic and/or wild-crafted, is vegetarian/vegan, and contains no fragrance, dyes, or synthetics. These products integrate the knowledge of natural plants and food grade nutrition to bring you the skin care benefits of naturally occurring skin healing nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. These skin care products help to detox, clean, tone, nourish and repair the skin.

Zo Skin Health

Created by Dr. Zein Obagi, a board verified dermatologist and world-renowned skincare expert, Zo Skin Health offers a variety of products to help your skin achieve its optimal health and radiance. Zo Skin Health offers a line of cleansers, scrubs, oil and tone control products, skin treatments, sun protection, hydrating creams, enhancers, peels, and kits to give your skin the nourishment and care that it requires.

Learn more about our non-surgical skin treatments at the Plastic Surgery Center.

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