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Injectable Fillers

Injectable Fillers in Maryland

Injectable fillers have increased in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. These products offer reduced signs of aging as well as increased volume in certain areas, such as the lips, without surgery, and the associated recovery period. The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland offers several types of injectable fillers to our patients, including the best Botox in Baltimore as well as Dysport in Baltimore, MD.

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are a category of cosmetic injectable products that reduce facial lines and add volume and fullness to the areas where they are injected. Volume loss is a normal part of the aging process, as the face naturally loses some fat. This results in a hollow appearance and more prominent wrinkles or lines. Adding dermal fillers can help to restore a youthful appearance and firmer, smooth skin texture. In addition, dermal fillers can be used to create plumper, fuller lips for patients at any stage of life.

Who is a good candidate for dermal fillers in Baltimore?

Patients who wish to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, restore lost volume, or non-surgically alter or augment areas of the face such as the lips are often good candidates for dermal fillers. Before choosing dermal fillers, you should be generally healthy, a nonsmoker, and have realistic expectations for your results. It is also important to maintain your skin health through an effective skincare routine and avoiding behaviors such as excessive sun exposure or smoking for the best results.

Some patients may be better suited to surgical options such as a brow lift or eyelid surgery rather than dermal fillers, depending on the extent of their volume loss or desired goals.

What Questions Should I Ask My Plastic Surgeon About Botox Injections?

Before your Botox injections, you can ask Dr. Rosenberg any questions you might have during a consultation. Some common questions patients ask before botulinum toxin injections include:

  • What training or experience do you have performing Botox injections?
  • What results can I expect?
  • How long will my Botox results last?
  • What should I do after receiving my Botox injections to achieve the best possible results?
  • Am I a good candidate for Botox? Why or why not?

Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers

These dermal fillers include Restylane and Juvederm, which are all hyaluronic acid-based fillers that can be injected into the face to increase volume. The product is commonly injected to fill in the nasolabial folds and marionette lines, but different products in the Restylane family may also be used to increase volume in the lips or cheeks.

Risks and Side Effects of HA Fillers

The active ingredient, hyaluronic acid, is found naturally in the body, so the product is considered very safe. Common side effects include redness and swelling at the injection site. Hyaluronic-acid-based fillers’ results typically last six to nine months, after which the product is naturally broken down by the body. When results subside, patients can choose to receive maintenance injections if they choose.

Botox in Maryland

As a premier provider of Botox injections, we’re always happy to help residents of Baltimore experience the age-defying effect of Botox to dampen the appearance of wrinkles that appear when smiling or frowning. With an affordable, simple, and painless injection of Botox, you can watch your frown lines or forehead lines disappear practically overnight, so you look your best while expressing all you have to offer.

What are the Risks of Botulinum Toxin Injections?

Most patients have no negative side effects from Botox injections. However, there are some risks associated with the procedure. These include bruising or redness at the injection site, flu-like symptoms, headache, nausea, and weakness or drooping in the muscles where botulinum toxin is injected.

What Should I Expect During a Consultation for Dermal Fillers?

During your injectables consultation, you should be ready to discuss your current medications, allergies or medical conditions, and alcohol, tobacco, or drug use. The consultation is also time for you to explain your specific goals for the procedure. Dr. Rosenberg will evaluate your health and the treatment area to determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for a given formula, like Botox or Restylane. You may also ask any questions about dermal fillers that you may have. Most patients receive their dermal filler injections immediately following their consultation, assuming they are a good candidate for the procedure.

Schedule a Consultation

There are countless benefits dermal fillers and other non-surgical injections can have on your appearance and facial contour. To learn more about injectable fillers and find out if injectables are a good match for you, schedule a consultation by calling The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland at (410) 324-3071 or requesting your appointment online.

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