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Breast Revision – Implant Revision

Dr. Rosenberg is Maryland’s Trusted Breast Revision Surgeon, Providing Services to Patients Throughout the Maryland and Washington, D.C. Area.

In the majority of breast augmentations, women will enjoy permanent results without ever needing a correction. However, a breast revision is sometimes necessary after a rupture, injury or capsular contracture, or even if you simply didn’t get the results you wanted from your breast augmentation the first time around.

Dr. Rosenberg is dual certified and has many years of experience performing breast augmentation surgeries in Maryland. If you are unhappy with your current breast augmentation or are experiencing difficulties with a recent augmentation, Dr. Rosenberg can help you.

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Reasons to Consider a Breast Revision

While the need for corrective surgery following a breast augmentation is rare, you might consider a breast revision in the following situations:

  • Capsular contracture – This occurs when scar tissue hardens or distorts your breasts after surgery.
  • Implant leaks or ruptures – Leaks and ruptures can cause your implants to look deflated or flat.
  • Asymmetry – If your implants or nipples are uneven, a breast revision might be necessary.
  • Size issues – Have you changed your mind about the size of your implants? Call us for corrective breast surgery.
  • Breast changes – Your breast tissue has changed as a result of tightening or weight loss/gain.

Maryland Breast Revision Procedure

Before your revision can begin, Dr. Rosenberg will meet with you during a consultation where he can help determine what needs to be done to help you achieve the look you desire.

If you want a larger or smaller size than was originally implanted, Dr. Rosenberg may replace the current implant with a larger or smaller size using the same incision. If you want smaller breasts, this can be done concurrently with a breast lift.

If your breast augmentation left your breasts uneven, too far apart, too close together, or oddly shaped, you may need to have the shape corrected. Sometimes it is necessary to elevate the nipple or areola in order to set the breasts correctly in a way that looks natural. If this is the case, Dr. Rosenberg will follow the natural curve of your breast crease.

You may be asked to choose different implants that are more conducive to your breast shape, tissue, or construction. The two main types of breast implants are saline and silicone, and each has their own benefits and drawbacks. For a more in-depth preview of your breast implant revision options, see our types of implants page.

Schedule Your Breast Revision Consultation in Maryland

When choosing a plastic surgeon for your breast revision, always select a surgeon that is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and with extensive experience in cosmetic or reconstructive breast surgery.

When you schedule your corrective breast surgery consultation in Maryland, Dr. Rosenberg will perform a comprehensive evaluation and discuss your goals for breast revision. View before and after photos of actual patients and schedule your consultation online today.

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