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KYBELLA™ – Double Chin Treatment

Our practice is now proud to include Kybella™ in Maryland as an available procedure to treat submental fullness (colloquially referred to as “double chin”), a condition that affects the area underneath the jawline. Kybella in Maryland offers a new and exciting alternative treatment to the traditional liposuction procedure, providing patients with an option outside of surgery that reduces recovery time and provides equal results. This treatment comes as an excellent solution to submental fullness for men and women alike, and can restore lost confidence in your physical appearance with a simple, easy treatment.

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What Is Submental Fullness (Kybella Double Chin)?

A very common aesthetic condition, submental fullness affects a large number of men and women. The condition is affected by a number of variables including genetics, age, weight, and overall health. Unfortunately, this condition is difficult to treat on your own, and is often left wholly untreated due to a lack of understanding.

Once submental fullness has occurred, it is exceptionally difficult to alter with normal means, as it is very resistant to change through diet and exercise. For this reason, many men and women are left with a lack of confidence due to this condition that’s outside of their control. Traditionally, patients could seek liposuction as an effective form of treatment. This method remains, and is still absolutely viable, however, Kybella in Baltimore is a new, non-surgical option that provides some excellent benefits.

What Is Kybella?

The result of exhaustive testing both in the laboratory and in practice, Kybella utilizes new cosmetic technology that simulates a substance already in your body (deoxycholic acid). This synthetic formula is designed to destroy fat cells, and is administered via injection. The injected Kybella causes a reaction known as lipolysis (fat cell membrane destruction) in the fat cells present in the injected space. This membrane disruption ruptures fat cells and allows the contents of the cells to be naturally metabolized by the body, thus removing the fat from the affected area.

Put simply, Kybella is an injection that “melts” the fatty cells present in your chin, and reduces the negative aesthetic appearance of submental fullness without the use of surgical procedure. A typical Kybella procedure is administered over a series of injections, likely done over the span of a month or more, depending on the patient’s need.

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How Does Kybella in Maryland Benefit You?

The reason Kybella is so exciting to our practice is the sheer number of options and benefits it provides. These include:

  • Short Recovery time. While the recovery time of liposuction is not necessarily very high, the Kybella injection improves the recovery period further, allowing for a smoother return to normalcy.
  • No “Down” time. While there will be redness, some swelling, and occasional discomfort, Kybella will not require multiple days away from work or your home life for recovery like some liposuction procedures would.
  • No surgery. There are no incisions, open wounds, risks of scarring, or anesthesia involved in Kybella injections.

Understand that these benefits are not intended as a biased comparison over traditional liposuction as a treatment for submental fullness. Both treatments have seen great success, and both share many of the same risks and rewards. Kybella is simply an alternative to lipo, and may offer benefits that appeal to a broader selection of patients.

Schedule Your Kybella Consultation Today!

Kybella is a solution for a condition many patients feel weighed down and distressed by, and can help you recover your confidence in ways you did not anticipate. Kybella is available for most patients, but a thorough consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg is still required to ensure Kybella vs. liposuction is the best solution. Contact our clinic today to learn more about Kybella in Maryland, and whether it is the solution you’ve been looking for!

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