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Tips to Maintain a Natural Look After Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery trends come and go, and more patients than ever are now seeking natural-looking results. Instead of seeking a dramatic or overdone look, patients want to create a fresher version of themselves.

While surgery itself is a big and important step, the aftercare is what can make or break your results. After surgery, it is important to follow Dr. Rosenberg’s care instructions so that you heal properly. Read on for some tips on how to maintain your natural-looking results after surgery.

Following Post-Op Instructions

Be sure to follow your surgeon’s post-op instructions and ask questions if you are confused about anything. These instructions are not suggestions and are important in helping you achieve the best possible outcome. Be sure to follow these instructions after your surgery for optimal results.

  • Keep your follow-up appointments so that Dr. Rosenberg can ensure that you are healing well.
  • Protect your skin from the sun to help your scars heal.
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle to maintain results.
  • Follow a skincare routine to help ensure the quality of your skin for long-lasting results.
  • Don’t smoke, and if you do, stop smoking. Smoking can significantly speed up the aging process and hinders the healing process as well.
  • Stay hydrated and drink lots of water. This will help to keep your skin looking and feeling young.
  • Avoid excess alcohol consumption after you are healed, as excessive amounts will dehydrate you and contribute to early signs of aging.

By following these tips, as well as the specific instructions given to you after your surgery, you can help to better ensure a safe healing process and optimal, natural-looking results.

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