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Procedures for Every Neck Concern

The neck can be one of the first places to show aging. Getting rid of fat due to genetics or weight gain can be nearly impossible with diet and exercise alone. A slender, sculpted neck can highlight your features and frame the face. Sometimes something extra might be required to get you there. Whatever your goals and schedule, we’ve got a procedure to get you the jawline that you’ve been looking for.


This injectable is specifically approved for use in the chin and neck, using synthetic versions of acids found in the body that break up fat. When injected into neck fat, it can melt and destroy the cells over time. These are then absorbed by the body. Kybella can require a few injections for the best results, but you’ll continue to see your profile get slimmer as it goes to work. Because it’s an injectable option, there’s minimal downtime associated with it and you can quickly get back to your normal schedule with only a little swelling and redness.


Neck bands can be a common occurrence as the neck begins to sag and lose volume as you age. Botox has many, many different uses (both cosmetic and medical) and can be effective at reducing the appearance of neck bands by relaxing them. This is done by blocking movement signals to the platysma muscles, which can become stretched out as you age, causing them to become visible when it contracts with certain facial expressions.

Neck Lift

This surgical option can be a one-stop treatment for rejuvenating your neck. It’s most effective at removing excess skin that can droop with age. If you’ve got some fat under the chin, a neck lift can also successfully remove it and sculpt a new jaw contour. While a neck lift can require some downtime and recovery, it’s highly effective at removing a decade or two from the neck profile. This procedure is also commonly combined with a face lift for extra rejuvenation.


This procedure is a minimally-invasive alternative to a neck lift that uses carefully-placed sutures underneath the skin to lift it and provide more support for the overlying tissues. Because it’s not as invasive as a neck lift, your procedure and recovery times are reduced, meaning you can get back to your schedule sooner. You can also combine this technique with other non-surgical procedures for an extra, finishing touch.

Whatever your concerns with your neck profile, Dr. Rosenberg can recommend the right treatment plan for you during your consultation at the Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland. Contact our office to schedule your appointment and begin looking at your options.

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