Keeping the Fat Off After Getting Liposuction

Keeping the Fat Off After Getting Liposuction: Best Practices

If you’ve been considering undergoing liposuction, you may well have come across articles about “the fat coming back”, or “the fat shows up somewhere else”. We wanted to address these points, as there is some truth behind those statements. They’re simply hidden behind a very negative and slightly misleading veneer.

The truth of the issue is not that the fat removed in a liposuction inevitably returns, but more that it can return if the patient does not pursue a healthy lifestyle post-procedure. The most common misconception our patients grapple with is that the liposuction is some form of magic pill. That once the procedure is complete, they no longer have to consider their health in the future.

Now, this is in no way meant to deter those of you considering liposuction. To the contrary, we wholly endorse it as an exceptional move to make toward meeting your personal health and appearance goals.

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Postoperative Liposuction Considerations

The fact of the matter is that liposuction will remove a measure of fat from your body, predetermined through a consultation. Once the procedure is complete, there is every chance that the patient can gain back the weight removed from them. The remedy? Proper diet and exercise.

Dieting Goals

Now, don’t let the word “diet” scare you off. We’re not talking about some carb-free fad, or alfalfa sprout burgers. We are simply referring to eating smart. A healthy combination of the fats, proteins and carbohydrates that your body needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To this end, you may consider a few of these options in finding assistance:

  • Consulting a dietician can yield optimal results, tailor made for your needs
  • Utilizing a “calorie calculator” to determine what your body needs on a daily basis is exceptionally helpful
  • Increase your water intake, and avoid eating out. Preparing your own meals gives you a much improved sense of scope

For the most part you can use your own judgement in your diet, but we like to throw some options out there that may give you some guidance.

Healthy Exercise

No one is recommending that you become a triathlete, but incorporating a reasonable exercise routine is very wise. Moderate exercise can ensure that once you finish your procedure recovery, you have a way to keep the fat off. We recommend starting small.

  • Classes are a great way to get out there and keep your new great shape. Yoga, Pilates, cycling—there are tons of phenomenal choices to fit anyone’s style. Classes are particularly good because they build structure, accountability and camaraderie.
  • If you have trouble getting started, begin by taking moderate walks. Just fifteen to twenty minutes. After a week, add ten minutes. Aim for jogging within a month, and move up as you become comfortable.
  • You may consider a personal trainer. One on one can be a great option, and trainers are always extremely supportive of your goals. Having positive encouragement really goes a long way.

A Fresh Start after Getting Liposuction in Maryland

To those considering liposuction but can’t quite decide if it is right for you, we would say it’s a wonderful option. It is an impeccable way to reach your goals, giving you a clean slate and a fresh start on a healthier, happier you.

If you decide to go forward, come speak with us at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland, where we can discuss your personal needs and how best to meet them. Our goal is to create a solution that suits you for the best, and together you can be confident we can open that door for you. Contact us today!

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