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Hit Refresh This Summer with These Injectables

Summertime is all about relaxation and refreshed: refreshing food and drinks, a refreshing swim at the beach, refreshing your wardrobe with some new colors. A great way to refresh yourself and your look this summer is quick and easy injectable treatments with our selection of fillers and neuromodulators. Whatever your goals, Dr. Rosenberg can recommend the best injectables to refresh your favorite areas and leave you looking radiant. Here are some options we recommend.


Botox® is continually the most popular non-surgical treatment in the country each year. There’s good reason for this— it can produce excellent results with a treatment session which can take as little as fifteen minutes. Botox works by blocking chemical signals that travel from the brain to the muscles of the face, preventing them from moving. This can be effective at relaxing furrowed expressions that cause fine lines and creases over time. Most patients see their results last for three to six months before returning for re-treatment.


Dysport® is a Botox alternative and works similarly. However, it can offer some benefits such as lower cost and more immediate results. Most patients opt for re-treatment at around three or four months. Dysport can achieve the same excellent results as Botox with a quick and easy injection session. During a consultation with our expert injectors, we can determine whether Botox or Dysport is a better option for you and your goals.


Restylane® is a dermal filler made with hyaluronic acid, a complex sugar normally found in your skin. Hyaluronic acid is responsible for retaining moisture and keeping your skin supple, and Restylane can effectively restore volume when injected under the surface of the skin. This can have a lot of benefits, like filling in lines and wrinkles, as well as augmenting areas like the lips and cheeks. You’ll see results instantly and can enjoy a rejuvenated, youthful look for up to one year.


Kybella® is the premier option for reducing fat under the chin with a series of injection sessions. Although liposuction has always been a popular option, many patients prefer the benefits of non-surgical treatment for a double chin. Kybella is made with deoxycholic acid, a substance normally found in your body which breaks down fat cells. When injected with a grid pattern under the chin, it gradually causes the fat cells to ‘melt’ and be expelled over time. With a series of injections performed over the course of one month or so, many patients see excellent, slimming results.

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Whatever your summer goals, we’ve got non-surgical options to ensure you can get back to your favorite activities without downtime or hassle. Whether it’s injectables, skincare treatments, or minimally-invasive procedures, Dr. Rosenberg and our non-surgical experts can help. To get started on discussing your options with our expert injectors, contact our Baltimore office by calling or filling out our online form.

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