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Ensure a Successful Breast Lift Recovery

A breast lift is a surgical procedure to enhance the breasts by removing excess tissue, reducing sagging, and reshaping the breasts. These results can lead to more comfortable physical activity and an improved self-confidence! However, before you can enjoy these new improvements, there are some things to remember during your recovery period.

Wear your Support Bra

After your breast lift procedure, you will be required to wear a support bra. This can reduce swelling and support your newly shaped breasts while they heal. Not wearing your support bra long enough could impair your recovery process. To ensure the best results, you should wear your support bra nonstop for as long as your surgeon has instructed to help manage pain.

Get Plenty of Rest

After your breast lift procedure, you might be eager to get up and moving again. While it’s important to walk around as soon as the next day, you should take it easy for the first few weeks. This means taking some time off work to relax in the comfort of your home. Sleeping at a 30-degree angle can also help to minimize swelling. You can do this by propping up pillows or with a wedge pillow. Avoid sleeping on your stomach to avoid stress on your surgical site. You should also avoid reaching, bending, and lifting, so have a designated caregiver to help you!

Ask your Doctor

When in doubt, always ask your surgeon. You will be provided with all the necessary post-op instructions, but if you have any questions about what you can or can’t do, it’s always better to wait and ask instead of putting your body and results at risk. Talk with your surgeon ahead of time about when it’s okay to drive, wash your hair, shower, bathe, exercise, bend, lift, and work the chest muscles. Putting a strain on your incisions too soon can lead to bleeding and worsen scars.

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