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Candidacy Questions For Gynecomastia Surgery

Men who have excess breast tissue can lose self-esteem and feel anxiety regarding this issue. Excess breast tissue in men is called gynecomastia. There is a way to solve it, which is getting a male breast reduction surgery. A qualified surgeon will evaluate potential patients to see if they’re eligible.

Who Should Consider Gynecomastia Surgery?

This surgery is appropriate for men who :

  • Feel embarrassed in public settings such as swimming or exercising
  • Endure emotional or psychological distress regarding the excess breast tissue
  • Feel their breast tissue looks too feminine
  • Want to have a masculine-looking chest
  • Want to increase self-esteem and confidence

Candidate’s Comitment

To get and maintain the best possible results from a gynecomastia surgery, a patient needs to commit to:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight for good
  • Following a healthy lifestyle, including diet and sufficient exercise
  • Keeping their mindset optimistic
  • Having and expressing clear goals for their results
  • Understanding and preparing for any post-op scarring
  • Ceasing smoking at least before and after the procedure for a certain time

Surgery is a physical, mental, and emotional experience. Patients need to understand and be ready for all of these facets. The results of gynecomastia surgery are considered pretty permanent, but dedication to health and fitness will ensure patients retain their results for the long haul.

Qualities Of A Qualified Candidate

Ideal surgical candidates will have qualities such as:

  • Good physical health with no underlying conditions
  • Dissatisfaction with the appearance of the breasts
  • Physical pain associated with the breasts
  • Skin that is elastic enough to account for post-op constriction
  • Attempted to lose breasts via diet and exercise already
  • Stable body weight in moderate BMI range
  • No use of drugs, alcohol, or steroids

Candidates who meet these criteria are most likely to see the greatest benefit and get the best end results from gynecomastia surgery.

Fat Reduction Technique

Male breast reduction surgery has two main ways to reduce breast tissue. The most common way is surgical excision of glandular tissue. In some cases, patients may have excess fatty tissue in the breast as well. When this happens. the surgeon may use liposuction to complete the reduction. Some patients will have excess glandular tissue and fatty tissue together. The surgeon may then decide to combine surgical excision and liposuction to ensure the patient gets the best results they can from their surgery. Every patient’s body is different, so every procedure is different. A qualified surgeon will be able to choose the best option for each individual they treat.

If you are a man who wants gynecomastia surgery, contact Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg and his staff at The Plastic Surgery Center today to schedule a consultation. They have convenient locations in Crofton, Lutherville, and Ellicott City, Maryland.

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