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Breast Augmentation: What You Need To Know

Are you unhappy with the breast you were born with? Are you self-conscious about being too small, or disproportionate? Or has being a Mom taken a toll and put stress on your body resulting in issues such as sagging or stretching, issues that you would like to change? You are not alone, many women are self-conscious and uncomfortable with this part of their body, but luckily this can be changed by a breast augmentation. A breast augmentation is a procedure where the breasts are enlarged or reshaped using implants. Performed by a plastic surgeon this surgery is becoming more commonplace and accessible.

Your Natural Breasts are Disproportionate to Your Body

Adding size to your breasts can help better balance your shape. For example, women with smaller breasts that have curve to their hips may find that having larger breasts will make their body look more proportionate such as an “hourglass shape” versus a “pear” shape.

You Are Not Happy with the Appearance of Your Post-Baby Breasts

Pregnancy and nursing can change your breasts, and not for the better! Both events put a lot of stress on the body resulting in the stretching of the skin. This stress on the skin can cause the breast to begin to sag and change in shape. With a breast augmentation, your breasts can be lifted and volumized for a perkier and more attractive shape.

You Don’t Like the Way You Look in Clothes

Women considering breast augmentation often do so because they find their breasts to be too small to fill out tops they would like to wear. Augmenting your breasts can make swimwear and lower-cut tops look better by filling them out properly. Sometimes when breasts are disproportionate to the rest of the body this can make clothes fit awkwardly. When breasts are more proportionate to the rest of your frame, finding clothes is easier and you won’t have to sacrifice style for fit.

Add a Lift

If you are interested in a breast augmentation, Dr. Rosenberg may suggest adding a breast lift depending on your circumstances and desired results. A breast lift can help create an uplifted shape that is complimentary to your new larger breasts. Consulting with a plastic to discuss your treatment options helps you to better understand the possibilities and outcomes of a breast augmentation. There are so many possibilities, and the reality of a more pleasing or youthful shape could be yours!

If you are in the Baltimore area and are interested in a breast augmentation procedure, contact us today to schedule your consultation.


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