Ask the Doctor: How Long Will my Results from a Breast Lift Last?

Ask the Doctor: How Long Will my Results from a Breast Lift Last?


Women in the Baltimore area who are unhappy with the shape and firmness of their breasts often make the decision to undergo breast lift surgery. This procedure is done to correct sagging or drooping breasts by removing excess skin and tissue and repositioning the nipple.

One question that many women ask before undergoing breast lift surgery is “how long will my results last?” There are many factors that influence the longevity of a breast lift. Since gravity is a constant force, some sagging is bound to happen over time. The amount of sagging that will occur over time depends on the thickness of the skin, the size of the breasts, any fluctuations in weight, pregnancy, and smoking.

Generally, most breast lift procedures involve the creation of an envelope that acts as support for breast tissue. There are also some newer techniques that now use internal structures to provide additional support. Some patients find that their results last from 10-15 years, while others find their results last for life. Most patients do not feel the need to repeat their breast lift surgery.

If you are concerned with the longevity of your breast lift procedure, a consultation with Dr. Rosenberg is a great opportunity to discuss these concerns, as well as have any questions you may have about the breast lift procedure answered.

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