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Ask the Doctor: How Do I Choose the Correct Implant Size for a Breast Augmentation?

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When choosing an implant size, it is important not to base this decision on your bra size or what implant size your friend chose during her breast augmentation.

Considering your own body’s anatomy is key when choosing the size of your breast implants, rather than just basing your decision on which cup size you want. It is easy to associate breast implant size with cup sizes, but cup sizes are not always consistent from brand to brand. When choosing an implant size it is smart to consider what would flatter your body shape and size. Patients should take into account their body proportions, shoulder and hip width, weight, height, and current breast size.

The amount of fluid or gel in the implant can affect the implant size. Implants come in many different sizes, from a small 125cc to correct asymmetry to a larger 300 or 400cc.

We offer patients the chance to try out different implant sizes in our office. It is important that patients “try on” different sizes and browse pictures to help in the selection of the most flattering breast size for their body.

Dr. Rosenberg always takes the time to thoroughly explain any and all options for breast implants, and will develop an individual plan to help in achieving your desired results.

Our office is committed to providing you with exceptional care. If you are interested in any of the aesthetic surgery options we offer, including breast augmentation, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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