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6 Tips for Your Thigh Lift Recovery

The thigh lift is a popular procedure that removes fat from your inner thighs and buttocks to create a slimmer, more shapely figure. It can be done on its own or as part of a body contouring package if you’ve lost significant weight – along with other procedures like breast reduction surgery or liposuction. Getting back on your feet after this surgical procedure takes time, but with these six tips, you will be back in business sooner than you think.

1. Stay hydrated

Hydrate yourself by drinking lots of water. This can help your body heal faster and avoid infection in your incision. It’s also important to stay away from caffeinated drinks such as soda, tea, or coffee that can constrict blood vessels and reduce circulation around the surgical site. The more you rest and drink water during the initial few days after surgery, the faster you’ll recover.

2. Get plenty of rest

Be sure to get enough sleep every night during your recovery period. This can help avoid infections, constipation, and other complications caused by energy loss. During this time, you should also avoid stressful situations that can cause high blood pressure or significant weight fluctuations, which are both bad for the incision site. Stay away from heavy lifting or strenuous activity to allow the body time to heal.

3. Gently stretch your muscles

Movement during your initial recovery period can help speed up healing and prevent muscle atrophy. However, this should be done gently in order to avoid straining or pulling on stitches. You may want to start with mild stretching exercises such as walking for half an hour a day, followed by gentle massages of your legs, buttocks, and stomach. These will help reduce the risk of blood clots as well as relieve tension in these areas to improve circulation and prevent fluid buildup that can cause bloating or swelling. Stay away from more impactful exercise until Dr. Rosenberg tells you otherwise.

4. Use compression garments

Compression garments can help reduce swelling and fluid buildup after surgery. These are tight-fitting pieces of clothing that you wear over your thighs to apply pressure on the area, which helps reduce pain and speeds up recovery by increasing blood flow around the incision site. It also helps the skin to adhere to the new contours. You should also avoid sitting for too long since this can put pressure on the incision site and increase swelling as well as pain. You should also stay away from hot tubs or saunas during this time since both can cause heavy perspiration that may lead to infection of surgical wounds.

5. Get the right nutrients

Taking certain vitamins and minerals can help speed up your thigh lift recovery. These include omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, zinc, collagen powder containing vitamin C to aid in wound healing, calcium citrate to increase bone density, bioflavonoids that may reduce bruising or swelling after surgery by increasing blood flow around the incision site, and vitamin E to reduce scarring. Make sure to eat a varied, healthy diet with plenty of protein and fiber to supplement your body’s healing needs as well.

6. Keep your incisions moisturized

One of the best ways to prevent visible scarring later on is keeping your incisions covered and moisturized. Silicone sheet or gel treatments can help reduce visible scarring so make sure and get a recommendation from Dr. Rosenberg. These are best used during your initial recovery and our team can make sure you understand the right steps to take.

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Your thigh lift recovery can be comfortable and easy with the right steps. To meet with Dr. Rosenberg and learn more about your thigh lift options, we invite you to contact the Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland by calling or filling out our online form.

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