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The Truth Behind Home Breast Enlargement

Now that it’s officially November, you may be looking for a speedy way to enhance your bust line and look great at holiday functions. You don’t have to look far before you’re bombarded with at-home breast enlargement methods, all promising to give you a celebrity bust before Thanksgiving.

The truth behind these claims is that they’re almost all completely false. The only way to achieve significant breast enlargement is with breast enlargement surgery. Below we will dive into a few of the more common myths about home breast enlargement and shed some light on the truth behind the tales.

  • Exercising: The theory behind exercising to enlarge your breasts is rooted in the pectoral muscles, and it isn’t all myth. As with any muscle in your body, the more you work it the larger it becomes, and if you correctly and consistently exercise your pectoral muscles you can notice slightly perkier breasts. It ends there, however. If you’re looking for a noticeable difference in size you’ll have to trade the yoga pants for a surgical gown.
  • Massage: Some institutes of alternative medicine say that massaging your breasts can help increase their size in two ways: increasing blood circulation and stretching out the tissues to make them appear bigger and firmer. While increased blood flow can cause your breasts to swell- they do the same thing when aroused, for example- this doesn’t lead to long-term size enhancement.
  • Natural Herbs: You’ll find many home recipes for breast enlargement that include natural herbs and other plant-based products. Plants that are said to have an enlarging effect on the breasts include fennel seeds, dandelion root, red clover, and wild yams, and a lot more. The theory behind these remedies is that these certain plants contain phytoestrogen, and since estrogen is what naturally causes a woman’s breasts to grow, phytoestrogen is said do the same.
    It can’t.
    Studies from NYU have shown that phytoestrogen can actually have the opposite effect, actually decreasing estrogen-related functions of the body.
  • Creams- There are dozens of creams on the market claiming to grow your breasts up to two sizes in however many weeks. Almost all of them say they work by using mastogenic herbs and exotic plant extracts that stimulate new cell growth in the mammary glands. However, there is no proof that any herbs or extracts will increase breast size, and researchers at NYU have said new cell growth in the breasts, in the extremely unlikely event that it would occur, would dramatically increase risks of breast cancer.
  • Miracle Pills: The majority of pills on the market to breast enlargement also say they use mastogenic herbs and exotic plant extracts to increase bust size, which has been proven to be false.

But what about all the testimonials?

Lighting, positioning, and contouring makeup can all make your breasts appear larger. The right bra can turn a B cup into a D cup, and simply standing up straight can give the effect of an instant breast lift. The human psyche can also play a role in believing that these remedies actually work because the breasts naturally swell at points along your menstrual cycle, and can also swell when sexually aroused. You may notice a difference and attribute it to these miracle cures when it’s actually the natural rhythm of your body.

The only proven way to significantly increase the size of your breasts is through breast enhancement surgery.

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