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The Essentials of Male Body Contouring

One of the most common misconceptions our practice has battled with in the past has been the subject of plastic surgery for men. The truth is, female consumers dominated their male counterparts on the matter for many years. However, that trend has begun to recede, and rightly so. In the past ten years, men have stepped forward to join in the quest to find a happier and more confident self. Cosmetic surgery simply offers a helping hand in attaining these goals; a way to mitigate bodily concerns, and overcome barriers.

Just last year saw more than a million more male procedures than the year prior, and that trend has been growing for quite a while now (more than one hundred and ten percent in the past eight years). More and more, men are turning to male body contouring like:

Keep reading to get the 411 on this trend!


What is Male Body Contouring?

In a nutshell, male body contouring consists of any procedure that fine-tunes the muscles and natural shapes of the body. This can be adding definition to muscles, trimming off excess fat after weight loss, or getting calf and pectoral implants for a more defined look.

Male Plastic Surgery and You

Choosing to move forward with a procedure can be a difficult decision, and understanding what is available to you can be equally challenging. Allow us to elucidate you on some of the more popular male procedures, and how they may help you address your concerns.

  • Liposuction. Used to slim and or reshape parts of the body that are prone to being stubborn, or are not responding to diet and exercise. Common targets for lipo in men are: belly, thighs, back and the chest area. Liposuction should never be considered as an alternative to appropriate physical activity and proper eating, but it can help you reach plateaus you previously thought impossible. For a more in-depth analysis, we urge you to follow an article we previously published: Keeping The Fat Off After Liposuction: Best Practices.
  • Rhinoplasty. Or, “nose reshaping”. This procedure can create a better symmetry in your facial structure, correcting the size, shape or bridge of your nose. The procedure also assists in many cases related to impaired breathing due to structural issues (Injury, or otherwise).
  • Implants. Many men just can’t get that sculpted chest or calf regardless of how often they tone and exercise. Getting chest implants or calf implants (as well as other types of muscle implants) gives you the sculpted look you’ve been trying to achieve but just isn’t conducive to everyone’s body type.
  • Male breast reduction. An embarrassing topic for many men, but honestly it has no business being this way. Male breast reduction is necessary in many situations, particularly in those who have lost considerable weight. Oftentimes in this situation, the male breast becomes stubborn, creating an unsightly sag. Male breast reduction addresses this issue impeccably.

Plastic Surgery for Men in Maryland

Bottom line, plastic surgery is simply a means to creating a healthier, more confident self. Nothing more, but certainly nothing less. If you’re curious about how plastic surgery for men might help you, we urge you to contact our office today!

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