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Is a Brow Lift Right for Me?

If you’re exploring your options for facial plastic surgery, it can feel overwhelming to pick the right option for your goals. Although your board-certified plastic surgeon can help you best, it’s worth knowing whether certain procedures can help more than others. One effective option you might come across is the brow lift— it’s common to consider the facelift first since it’s a well-known and popular option, but many patients find that a brow lift suits their goals better. Here’s what to know about whether you can benefit from this procedure and how it can help.

You have forehead wrinkles and frown lines

Forehead wrinkles are one of the most common concerns of brow lift patients. Some common types of forehead wrinkles include frown lines, or 11s, between your eyebrows as well as horizontal lines. These can commonly be caused by sagging as you age and even facial movements over the course of a lifetime. If you have wrinkles specifically in the brow area, then a brow lift can help by tightening the skin and underlying tissues.

You have hooded eyes

Although many people consider eyelid surgery to be the standard for improving the appearance of hooded eyes, the brow lift can sometimes achieve even better results. It comes down to what’s causing it— hooded eyes can be caused by excess eyelid skin, but they can also be caused by sagging in the brow that presses down on the eyes. An effective brow lift can raise the eyebrows to a more upright, alert position and, in turn, expose more of the upper eyelid space for an awake and youthful look.

You have sagging or low-set eyebrows

When your eyebrows rest lower on the face, it can cause a tired or even angry appearance— even if you don’t feel like it. Whether the result of aging or genetics, low-set eyebrows can affect your overall profile and the balance of your face. A brow lift can bring the eyebrows to a higher and more flattering position even if you don’t have signs of aging.

You’ve tried non-surgical options

When it comes to the brow, it’s hard to beat Botox®. However, if your signs of aging mean that you’re no longer getting the results you want, the next step up is the brow lift. Botox can do a lot for relaxing wrinkles and even lifting the brow, but after a certain point, it can be more worth it to opt for a surgical procedure so you get long-term results.

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The brow lift is an excellent option for achieving your ideal look in the upper face. To meet with Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg and learn more, we invite you to contact the Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland’s two locations in Lutherville, Ellicott City, and Crofton, MD. Call or fill out our online form to get started.

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