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Caring for Your Breast Implants: What to Expect After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is a great method to get fuller, rounder breasts that last a lifetime. Like any part of your body, you have to care for them as they get older in order to keep your breasts in the best shape possible. While you’re in the process of deciding whether or not to get implants, you should take a peek at the timeline of breast augmentation surgery—from consultation to recovery and beyond—to get an idea of what to expect along with your enhanced bustline.

Read on to discover what to expect once you’re off the operating table and back in the comfort of your own home. Already know you’re ready for fuller, rounder breasts? Contact Dr. Rosenberg at The Plastic Surgery Center today for a consultation!
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Immediately After Surgery – 10 Days After Surgery

During this period, you will be relaxing and following the medical directions given to you by your surgeon. Your body needs to rest while you heal, so even though you may start feeling better, you still need to limit your activity. After the first 24 – 48 hours, most patients are encouraged to be up, out of bed and walking around, but take it easy! No heavy lifting, and no exercise.

Each case is different, but most patients can shower on the second day after surgery. Your surgeon will ask you to avoid raising your arms above your shoulders for the first couple of weeks, and try not to lift anything over 20 pounds (this includes children!).

In this initial period, it will be extremely important to follow your doctor’s directions exactly, as this is the time when breast implants settle into their pockets and the breasts begin to take the shape that you’ll love for years to come. A little swelling is normal, but if you think your swelling or implants look odd, contact your doctor right away!

Four Weeks – Six Weeks After Surgery

After four weeks, you should be able to switch from your surgical bra to a sports bra. Be sure to consult with your doctor before making this switch, as making it too soon can have adverse effects. Your doctor should also advise you on workout restraints as you slowly are able to transition back into being active.

A note on Yoga:
Some patients think they will be fine doing light exercise like yoga or Pilates, but because many of the poses in these activities requires stretching, it’s best to avoid them until your doctor says it’s okay.

Six Weeks – Eight Weeks After Surgery

By this time, you should be getting full feeling back in the bottom of your breasts. Once you have that feeling back, you should be able to put on those fancy bras you’ve been missing. Be careful when bra shopping, and make sure to get fitted so you’re purchasing the right bra size. If you choose one that is too small, you can restrict the breasts and add pressure on your back.

When you decide to start exercising, you’ll have to be careful to start slow as you get to know your new body. Avoid stretching your chest muscles too much until you are cleared by your doctor.

Eight Weeks – Three Years After Surgery

You’ll need to schedule regular checkups with your doctor to watch the progression of how your body adapts to the implants. You’ll create a unique plan with your doctor that will outline when you should be making these appointments. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends getting an MRI after three years to screen for a silent rupture, and then an additional screening every two years after that.

Schedule a Breast Implant Consultation

Breast augmentation surgery is a great option if you’ve always wanted fuller, perkier breasts. If you’re interested in learning more, contact Dr. Rosenberg at The Plastic Surgery Center for a consultation! There’s no obligation with consultations, and speaking with a surgeon can give you a better picture of what to expect for your body.

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