Breast Implant Options

Breast Implant Options

Most patients in the Baltimore, MD area are aware that breast implants enhance the size of the breasts. However, do you know all of the breast implant options available today? Here, we will cover which implants are available to patients, and the differences between each.

Breast Implants

Saline-Filled Implants- These implants are filled with a saline solution. They may be prefilled to a predetermined size, or at the time of surgery for modifications in implant size. If your saline implant were to deflate, the saline simply absorb into your body, causing no harm.

Silicone-Filled Implants- These implants are filled with silicone gel. All silicone implants are pre-filled before surgery, but are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. A longer incision may be required for these implants to be placed. If your silicone implant were to rupture contact Dr.  Rosenberg.  The silicone cannot be absorbed into the body. These implants are known to feel the closest to natural breast tissue.

Bonus: Autologous Fat-Transfer- Although this technique does not require implants, it is an option for those who want a breast augmentation using their own fat cells. This option uses liposuction to remove fat from different areas of the body, including the thighs, abdomen, or hips, and using those fat cells to enhance and shape your breasts.

Any of these breast implant options can also often be combined with a breast lift if you desire correction of sagging breasts.

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