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Benefits of a ‘No-Drain’ Tummy Tuck

The traditional tummy tuck using a drain has been around for years with very high success rates; however, surgeons have refined the technique to eliminate the need for drains by utilizing special “quilt-like” sutures. Drains are still used by some surgeons today, but many like to offer their patients the option to go without for a more streamlined recovery process.

What are the Benefits?

More Comfortable Recovery

A drain is an external container that is connected to the body via a tube to help reduce the build-up of fluid at the surgical site. Fluid buildup in a traditional tummy tuck is more common due to the open space the traditional method creates. With the Drain, the fluid is pulled out of the body to reduce the risk of complications, but the presence of a drain can be uncomfortable and even unsettling to the patient.

Less Maintenance

When a drain is placed to aid in the patient’s recovery, the maintenance involved can be somewhat frustrating for patients and their caregivers. Once the drain fills with fluid, it needs to be detached from the tube and then emptied. This can be done by the patient or a caregiver if necessary. For those not accustomed to handling or seeing medical drains, it can be uncomfortable – making a no drain tummy tuck a better choice.

More Secure Closure

To prevent fluid buildup, there are special sutures used called progressive tension sutures which act like a quilting stitch. These sutures pull the layers of tissues closer together, for a firmer more condensed abdominal wall. These sutures don’t require any drains to be placed because there are not any open areas for fluid to collect in.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are considering a tummy tuck and are put off by the idea of a drain, ask your surgeon about the possibility of a no-drain tummy tuck. If you’re ready to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rosenberg, call our office today at 410-324-3071.

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