Correcting Uneven Breasts with Breast Implants

Correcting Uneven Breasts

Correcting Uneven Breasts

(Mammary Asymmetry) with Breast Implants

Many people think of breast implants as only beneficial to those looking to augment their breast size. This is not always the case! For example, many women come to The Plastic Surgery Center in Maryland for a solution to mammary asymmetry—which refers to an uneven size, shape, or “droop” of the breasts.

While mammary asymmetry is extremely common and often subtle, sometimes the breasts can be as much as two to three cup sizes different! If this unevenness or asymmetry begins to impact your confidence levels or it becomes difficult to purchase bras or clothing to accommodate different size breasts, it may be time to consider a surgical solution.

How to Fix Uneven Breasts

While every case is different, the following procedures or combination of procedures are often used to correct uneven or mismatched breasts:

  • Different sized breast implants (breast matching) – For those with only mild cases of mammary asymmetry, sometimes simply using different sized breast implants can correct any unevenness.
  • Breast lift – If asymmetric drooping is your concern, a straightforward breast lift (or breast lift in combination with breast matching) can help to create better proportions.
  • Mini breast lift – This procedure is often used to correct an uneven nipple line.

While perfectly symmetrical breasts are not always possible, correcting your mammary asymmetry with one or several of the options above can offer improved balance and proportion to achieve the shape you desire.

Schedule a Free Breast Surgery Consultation in Maryland

For any cosmetic surgery procedure, including breast surgery in Maryland, selecting a skilled plastic surgeon is one of the most important steps a patient can take.

At The Plastic Surgery Center in Maryland, our cosmetic surgeon combines years of experience with a dedication to providing personal attention and customized care. After examining your features, Dr. Rosenberg can help you decide on a treatment plan that will best give you the more attractive, youthful, or rejuvenated appearance you desire.

When you’re ready to improve the symmetry of your breasts with plastic surgery, contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation. Make sure to view our breast surgery before and after photos!

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