Beach Fun After Breast Implants in Baltimore, Maryland

Beach Fun After Breast Implants

Hitting the Beach After Getting Breast Implants: What You Should Know

One of the reasons you’ve been looking forward to summer this year is because you have a fabulous new body to show off in your bikini.

But before you head to the beach to show off your new killer curves, there are a few things you should know. If you’ve recently gotten breast augmentation in Maryland, follow these tips to maximize enjoying your summer while staying healthy.

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Beach Fun in the Sun (Exposure) After Breast Implants

Being on the beach means exposure to the sun. Now that you can wear that new swimsuit and feel great showing off your new look, how much sun and when are questions you should consider. Sunscreen is always recommended, whether you have healed from breast augmentation surgery or are going au natural. Here are some additional tips:

  • Your incisions should be kept out of direct sunlight.
  • Avoid sun tanning beds.
  • Wait until your scars are no longer red or raised and are soft before any exposure to the sun.
  • Cover your incisions with clothing when you can.
  • Always use sunscreen on incision areas once they heal.

Swimming at the Beach after Breast Augmentation Surgery

When is it safe for you to get back into the water at the beach after having a breast augmentation? Typically, three to four weeks after your surgery you can get into the pool or the water at the beach. You might want to try earlier than that because you feel fantastic, but your skin tissue needs that time to heal to be water resistant, so it’s best to wait until you have the all-clear from your doctor. Here’s some tips about swimming after three – four weeks:

  • After swimming, dry your swimsuit top.
  • Towel off well to avoid soaking your incisions with a wet top.
  • If it’s before three weeks, you can sit by the pool or on the beach or go in up to your waist to cool off.

Exercise Like Beach Volleyball after Breast Augmentation

As a general rule, you can get back to exercising two – three weeks after a breast augmentation procedure. The recommended exercises involve loosening and relaxing the muscles in the chest to alleviate any muscle tightness.

Any exercises done after one week should be gentle and not strenuous. Volleyball is considered a strenuous activity so it’s best you wait from six – eight weeks before spiking any balls. Here’s a few additional tips for you to ease back into exercising:

  • Start with low impact and relaxing exercises after the first couple of weeks.
  • Exercises that gently relax your chest and abdomen are recommended.
  • Don’t raise your arms over your head for the first two weeks.
  • Added volume to your breasts may take some getting used to, check your balance before exercising.
  • Wear an elastic and comfortable sports bra when exercising for added support. No under-wire bras or swim tops for at least six weeks.
  • Any questions or concerns, ask your doctor.

Breast Augmentation in Maryland

Whatever breast procedure you are looking for, it is important to select a physician that has the experience and certification to provide the look you want. Dr. Rosenberg’s education and experience have made him one of the top plastic surgeons in Maryland, and we are committed to helping you reach your personal goals with experienced, superior care.

If you are interested in any of the plastic surgery options we offer, including breast lift, breast augmentation, breast implants, or breast reduction, contact our Baltimore, Maryland area cosmetic surgeons today.

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